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Some of you may be reading this thinking - what the heck is Klout and what pray tell does if have to do with my conference attendance?

Well, chances are you're going to any social media conference to not only learn tips and tools to make you a better blogger, while also meeting your online friends IRL (In Real Life), but to also interact with brands you know and love.

THIS is where Klout comes in.  Klout is "the" go to source for measuring your online influence.  So much so that last year Britney Spears’ managers, Adam Leber and Larry Rudolph, requested a meeting with Klout Chief Executive Joe Fernandez. They grilled Fernandez on why Spears’ Klout score, then around 64, was lower than Lady Gaga’s 78 and Ashton Kutcher’s 77.

“What are these people doing better than us?” Fernandez says they asked.

Fernandez says he advised Spears's manager to have the pop sensation tweet more frequently and to send more tweets herself vs. having her people tweet on her behalf.

But Klout isn't just about how well you are or are not tweeting.  Recently Klout upgraded their algorithm and now uses over 35 variables on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.  Essentially Klout combines not only how you tweet, but how many Facebook likes your posts get, how many LinkedIn contacts you have and how often your checking in on Foursquare.

The higher your Klout score - the more likely a brand is willing to approach you to be their brand ambassador or offer free perks.  Just this week I received an invite to Tech Week in Chicago, a very coveted invite to Spotify and literally while I was writing this blog two free movie tickets to The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. 

Kinda cool.  And - it's all because I signed into Klout and got my free score.  Yup kids F.R.E.E. free!

So before you head out to well any conference, log in and find out what your Klout score is.  Take take a deep dive into your profile.  There you will find an analysis of how your score was determined along with helpful tips to increase it.

And if you're one of those lucky kids - don't be shy about telling brands you have a high Klout score.  It just gives you that much more credibility.

About Magnet Social Media
Founded in 2010 by Karen Moran, Magnet Social Media in Fort Myers, Florida, fosters brand-building social relationships.

Our strength lies in creating and nurturing your social presence while seamlessly integrating offline messaging with online conversations.

From a mom and pop storefront to larger organizations, Magnet Social Media will help your company grow its online brand awareness, customer engagement and loyalty by creating a targeted social media strategy and executing tactics tailored to your unique needs.

Contact Magnet Social Media to turn your brand into a social media magnet.



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